Induction Furnace Coil repair

Service & Spares

The nature of most melting foundries finds their Induction Heating Systems working to full capacity in sometimes the harshest of foundry melting environments. As Expert Induction Furnace equipment manufacturers we are here to ensure a problem free, high production volume is maintained for our Induction Melting and Induction Heat treatment customers.

Induction Inverter spare parts

Many components are manufactured in house by Induction Heating Systems (UK) Ltd so in some cases are repairable. We offer a fast send and return repair service for many, such as the entire electronic control circuit board set, Induction furnace body and Induction furnace coil.

Melting Furnace Induction Control Electronics

Service and repairs are tailored to your needs and where possible, to your budget, whether it be on site or a return to our service department. We also offer contracts for annual, monthly Induction Equipment service/Inspection Visits.

Induction Furnace Power supply spares

We carry a comprehensive list of spare Induction equipment components   and are able to fast-track most components specific to any particular melting furnace or induction power supply including mains chokes, high power capacitors, circuit breakers and thyristors.

The Induction Furnace Coil shown suffered a "melt through" lining penetration and subsequent heat damage. Our expert helpful team work hard to facilitate repairs and replacements ensuring the continued momentum of our customers production schedule.