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Induction Technology

By Oscillating, or changing direction of an electric current in our Induction Furnace Coils at  a given frequency, a Magnetic field is produced. This penetrates the metal load or crucible centred in the coil inducing electrical current called Eddy currents which in turn produces heat to melt.

Our full Induction Furnace installations include our bespoke cooling pump units, hydraulic furnace desks with accompanying hydraulic pump systems.

All these, including installation interconnections, are manufactured to include Stainless steel pipework and non ferrous pumps for longevity.

Ancillary Equipment
Induction Equipment

We make an extensive range  of Induction Generators and Furnaces to suit any melting or heat treatment application. Designed for reliability and ease of use we provide the full bespoke Induction Heating & Melting package.
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Service & Spares
Induction Power Supply

We provide comprehensive service packages and a large complement of spares to ensure customers Induction equipment remains productive regardless of its workload. In the rare event of damage or wear and tear, we respond quickly and effectively to resolve the problem.