Induction Furnaces

Offering a concise solution for melting ferrous and non ferrous metals, IHS Taylormade make Induction furnaces for both Rnd and the harshest melting foundry environments.

Manufactured to the highest specifications with quality products, our extensive range of robust steel Induction Furnaces are the ultimate in reliability, performance and efficiency but remain very competitively priced.

MF & MS Magnetically Screened
Induction Furnace example's
100 to 4,000kg capacity Double Axis Tilting Furnace
Double axis Induction Tilting Furnace
1,000 to 8,000kg capacity Large Steel Frame Tilting Furnace
Large Steel Frame Induction Tilting Furnace
Induction Tilting Furnace
50 to 1,500kg capacity Compact Steel Frame Tilting Furnace
Hand Tilt Induction Furnace
20 to 50kg Hand tilt & Rollover Furnace
Drop down Crucible Furnace
50 to 500kg Drop Down Furnace

Free standing Square steel construction for easy maintenance access. Flexible capacity, power and frequency ratings., waist high & platform charging. Hydraulic tilt rams, High efficiency induction coil encompassing steel cooling turns.

200Hz to 3000Hz depending metal application. Free standing, waist high charging or flush platform charging. Hydraulic rams, High efficiency induction coil, with low loss stainless steel upper and lower refractory cooling turns.

Combining the features of the MF compact & large steel frame furnaces with our unique double axis-security arm pivot system. Enabling the furnace body to be safely tilted to over 110 Degrees for ultra-precision pouring, as required by Atomising and Similar industries.

Used in smaller non ferrous foundries this Induction furnace consists of a steel boxed & screened induction coil hydraulically operated to lift and lower vertically. In the raised position the static crucible with load, is heated. The Furnace box then lowers to enable access to the Melting crucible.

Popular with laboratory and Investment Casting industries, our Hand / hydraulic tilt, and rollover furnaces are a cost effective and practical solution for both ferrous and non-ferrous specialist Induction Melting sectors. 

Heavy Steel Shell Induction Furnace
1,000 to 12,000kg capacity Rolled Steel Shell Tilting Furnace

Offering ultimate strength the rolled steel shell Induction furnace is aimed at the higher power end user. The extremely robust Induction Coil housing is rolled into cylinder form using 10mm up to 25mm thick steel plate with strategically placed access panels.