750 - 4000kW Induction Power Supply
100 - 1000kW Induction Power Supply

Induction Generators

We manufacture Induction Power Supplies based on a "constant current source" and "parallel output" design resulting in a very efficient, reliable power source to complement our furnaces and by achieving an efficiency of 96 – 98% in our Power Supplies the carbon emission at the electric power plant is thereby kept as low as possible.

A wide range of power and frequencies are available offering effective solutions for surface hardening, forging and also melting ferrous and non-ferrous metals. 

Typical Induction Generator examples
100 to 1000kW 6 Pulse

Typically supplied for smaller laboratory sized Induction melting and heat treatment applications involving small melt volumes up to 50kg or case hardening / annealing ferrous or non-ferrous. 
This is achieved  by delivering higher frequencies 3000-10,000hZ for shallow current penetration. 

20 - 50kW Induction Power Supply
20 to 50kW Compac

The 100-1000kW unit houses a more complex and flexible power circuit encompassing a range of optional features including multi-frequency selection, Multi furnace changeover switches for power share plus input supply & power output positioning to suit each customer.

Fast, Reliable  melting for all metal types.

50 to 200kW S2/3000

With a space saving footprint of 1 Metre square, this Induction Power supply boasts many of the optional extras found in our larger high power models such as switchable frequency and low voltage output for vacuum applications. A very cost effective small melting solution.

50 - 200kW Induction Power Supply
750 to 4000kW 12 Pulse

All the features and optional extras of the 6 Pulse with dual rectifier circuitry for harmonic cancellation and smoother operation at higher power. A second Inverter section is also fitted for the higher end of the power range hence the larger physical size of this Power unit.