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We are committed to customer safety as well as our own and offer full instruction for the safe operation and maintenance of our Induction equipment. communication and safe working procedures are top in our agenda during installation and consequent routine operation. Our team will  be on hand to offer guidance at all stages of the contract.

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Customer Focus, Productivity, Reliability and Efficiency.

We work hard to Develop and Deliver High Quality Foundry Equipment that works hard for you. Sourcing only from trusted components and materials suppliers to build Robust Systems you can trust.

Experts in the Induction heating and melting Industry, Induction Heating Systems (UK) Ltd, Incorporated with Taylormade Induction Ltd are proud to have Foundry melting and heat treatment installations worldwide. Operating from Bakewell England since 1988, we are able to draw from 29 years Induction industry trading experience with individual knowledge skills and expertise amounting to over 60 years experience in Induction melting.

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Our Induction equipment comes in all shapes and sizes because so do our customers. From small 25KW 20kg Furnaces for Research & Development to 4000KW 12000kg Foundry Melting Systems,  through innovation, teamwork, attention to detail and attention to your needs we share your passion and vision for an Induction melting installation and make it a reality.


Induction Heating Systems (UK) Ltd

incorporating Taylormade Induction Ltd

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