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Induction Furnace Melting 2
Induction Tilting Furnace
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Induction Melting b
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Taylormade Induction Tilting Furnace
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Induction Melting 

Taylormade Durability
Robust Steel Furnace Construction | Full Induction Magnetic Screening | Dynamic Tilt-Traverse | Extensive 20kg - 12,000kg Induction Furnace Range.

IHS Induction Melting Power

Powering Taylormade Induction Furnaces:

Solid State | Efficient | Reliable | Parallel Tuned | Operator Frequency Selection | Power Sharing | 25 - 4000kW , 150 - 8000HZ Induction Power Supplies

Induction Furnace supplier


Metal Melting Solutions



Environmentally Friendly 

Flexible design concepts

Induction Melting Products and services

Manufacturing complete Induction Melting and Heat Treatment Packages

Whatever the metal: Iron, Steel, Copper, Bronze, Aluminium, Gold or Silver.

We make an Extensive Range of Induction Furnaces, Solid State Induction Power Supplies, closed circuit water cooling systems, hydraulic power packs and ancillary equipment all Tailor-made to your business, your process and your foundry space.


About us

Induction Heating Systems Ltd has been trading since 1988 acquiring Taylormade Induction Ltd along the way, now established as a trusted quality manufacturer of Induction Furnaces, supplying the Induction Heating and Foundry Metal Melting Industry Worldwide.

We have substantial Induction Melting Knowledge & Experience with a wealth of successful and varied Foundry Equipment installations.

Going the extra mile to Build and Maintain Equipment and Partnerships